Compact Plug-and-Play Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection, and 128GB Storage - Wide-Angle View, No WiFi Needed

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Product Features

  • No WiFi Needed
  • Plug and Play Design
  • Wide Recording Capacity (up to 128GB)
  • Enhanced Images (1080P, Night Vision, Wide Viewing Angle, Compact Size)
  • Versatile Applications (monitoring children, pets, nanny cam, spycam, home security)


Discover Our Product through Captivating Videos

Introducing the No WiFi SecurityCamera – Ideal for Every Home

Have you ever wondered what goes on under your own roof while you’re away? Would you like to keep a closer eye on the kids, your dog or your elderly while at work? This no wifi security camera is definitely a must for your home or office!

User-Friendly Plug & PlayDesign

Say goodbye to difficult drivers or impractical, internet-consuming apps which are impossible to operate and lead to frustrating
experiences! Our mini camera is ready to use, requires no wifi and will start recording at the press of a button!

Night Vision High-DefinitionImaging

We’re proud to present: the first non wifi charger camera on the market that supports night vision! With advanced IR lenses which record impeccably in low light environments, plus an ultra-wide viewing angle, this spy cam is ideal for dark corners and remote places!

Enhanced Memory Capacity

Unlike our competitors, this charger camera supports
up to 128GB SD cards, greatly improving recording time. Choose from 2 different recording modes: loop recording or motion activated, depending on your needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anna D
Stealthy, efficient, stable, and saddening/sickening

The product was so exceptional that I purchased another one a couple of days after I received the first one. I am using this to keep tabs on a family member in a nursing home. To remain inconspicuous instead of changing out the sd cards and risking getting caught, I figure it would be a little more costly but easier to switch out the product itself with another one. I kind of wish I didn't as my suspicions were confirmed and it makes me angry that I have to act like I don't know what I know/saw and smile to the individuals' faces. However it is also a blessing as now I know what that family member is going through and I can be there for them and feel that it is now my duty to visit them daily not only to switch out the sd cards (until I receive the other product), but to show them even more compassion than before while there is still time (without telling them that there is a camera as they might slip up in their speech). All in all, I thank you for making this great product and to those who took the time to read this, when you get old or are thinking about putting a loved one into a nursing home, be sure to have medicaid as they will treat the individual like royalty. If on medicare, visit them everyday. Especially if they aren't able to speak in coherent sentences. They will care for your loved one more if they know a family member is going to hold them accountable. If at all possible, either die young or take care of your health well into your old age to remain self-sufficient and mentally stable.

Jasmine Smith

The non-WiFi charger camera with night vision is easy to set up and has motion detection capabilities. It records in 1080p with a wide-angle lens and infrared LED lights for low-light recording. The best part is it doesn't need a network connection, making it an affordable way to monitor your space.

Ethan Patel
Love it!

Affordable and effective, this non-WiFi charger camera with night vision provides easy monitoring with motion detection

Sarah Lamar
Keep an eye on your space

I'm impressed with the non-WiFi charger spy camera's performance. It's easy to set up and use, has motion detection capabilities, and records in 1080p resolution with a wide-angle lens. The biggest advantage is that it doesn't require a network connection to function, making it an affordable and effective way to keep an eye on your home or office

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