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Why we need hidden camera?

Based on 143 reviews
we take it with us whenever we travel!

So far we haven’t found any hidden cameras or voice recorders. I did test it out on a mini spy camera I already had just to see if it would be detected and the detector did signal. my husband and I make sure to bring it with us when we travel to sweep our Airbnb or hotel room. this is why I love the fact it’s portable. Just knowing this detector works gives me and my husband some peace of mind.

Totally works

Very nice quality, easy to use and comes with an easy to understand manual that walks you through it. Plug in the cord it let it fully charge up. Turn it to the sensitivity you want and start waving it around objects. If it lights up then you probably have a bug. We tested it on an old monitor that we had hidden in a teddy bear and it lit up before we even got close to it. Very good price, totally recommend.


This is the second one I bought. It’s very practical little tool for us. My husband took one in his suitcase because he is always travel. I got this for myself for the upcoming woman’s conferences to a couple of countries. Comparing it to the previous one, this is a newer model which has GPS detector and overall higher sensitivity. It will give us a peace of mind during my traveling.

Affordable, Decent Image/Video Quality, Easy To Use

I love this glasses camera! It's so easy to use and the fact that it looks like a normal pair of glasses is amazing. I can capture all of my adventures without drawing attention, and the video quality is fantastic. I'm so glad I found this product!

Cool litter camera

This is a cool little camera. Great picture quality and captures audio. I use this to monitor my home office area. Wifi feature needs 2ghz band to work remotely properly. Unfortunately I only have 5ghz so no go for live video whenever I'm away. Does produce live video when connected to phone via wifi. Flexible camera that you can position or hide in another object.

Does record and have playback feature. Battery life is good, but I leave plugged in for continuous. Motion detection setting available. Great deal for the price.

Not bad!

Not bad for the cost. Video quality surprised the heck out of me! Picture quality is ok. Only thing I would say, is placement of the camera could be in a better spot. It records a little high, so you have to adjust glasses a bit lower to get more of a lower shot if that makes sense. Other than that, great product!!!

Built-in WiFi Allows for Close-Range Viewing on Mobile Devices

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of this camera. It provides crystal-clear images and speedy transmission, and comes equipped with essential features such as basic camera and video functions, motion detection, security alarm, and video playback. You'll need to purchase an SD card to enable the video playback function. After downloading the homeeye app, you can easily monitor your space remotely through your home WiFi. What I find particularly useful is the built-in WiFi, which allows you to view footage up close on your mobile device - a feature that sets it apart from ordinary surveillance cameras.


I've tried other hidden cameras before, but this glasses camera takes the cake. It looks exactly like a normal pair of glasses, and the one-button operation makes it so easy to use. The video quality is top-notch, and I love that I can wear it anywhere without drawing attention.

Nice Camera

The camera works well, and I love it. The customer service is also quite helpful.

Its a good product for the cost

Easy to hide, the cam pops right up when you click on the phone app icon, battery life is alright. The ribbon cable could be longer and it doesnt have night vis

Pleasantly surprised - You won't be sorry

Very pleasantly surprised by this tiny camera, especially after reading so many negative reviews.
Great customer support, they reached out to me proactively the day the camera arrived.
Setup was a breeze and couldn't be any easier. Manual was easy to follow and accurate.
The best part is the picture quality which is absolutely amazing as shown in the pictures (first pic is FHD, second is HD, third is SD). I don't know what other buyers are talking about or maybe the manufacturer made some product changes , but there's nothing to complain about the quality of the images or video.
The motion detection feature works very well and so do the push notifications sent to your phone.
The only very slight negative for this camera is that it has no night vision (which is not surprising for such a tiny camera). The written description of the camera states that there is no night vision, but the technical specifications state it has night vision.
I highly recommend this tiny spy camera.

Great camera /charger to see who is home

This little wall charger/camera is just what I have been looking for..I now see who walks through my front door that shouldn’t be..The wifi was so easy to set up..The app they tell you to use eorks great slso…Gor the price you will not be disappointed at all..I can’t wait to see all the other products from this wonderful company…Customer service is by far the best when you have any problem no matter what it is they will go beyond making it right for you…

Great mini 4k camera

The camera looks nice. I was surprised by the video quality. Did not test the battery yet, but I plan to use it at home, so the battery performance does not matter. Consider buying another one.

Looks pretty nice

It’s light and easy to carry. I found the clip can be rotated! So amazing. But it use the type-c charging, just feel a little inconvenient.

Stealthy, efficient, stable, and saddening/sickening

The product was so exceptional that I purchased another one a couple of days after I received the first one. I am using this to keep tabs on a family member in a nursing home. To remain inconspicuous instead of changing out the sd cards and risking getting caught, I figure it would be a little more costly but easier to switch out the product itself with another one. I kind of wish I didn't as my suspicions were confirmed and it makes me angry that I have to act like I don't know what I know/saw and smile to the individuals' faces. However it is also a blessing as now I know what that family member is going through and I can be there for them and feel that it is now my duty to visit them daily not only to switch out the sd cards (until I receive the other product), but to show them even more compassion than before while there is still time (without telling them that there is a camera as they might slip up in their speech). All in all, I thank you for making this great product and to those who took the time to read this, when you get old or are thinking about putting a loved one into a nursing home, be sure to have medicaid as they will treat the individual like royalty. If on medicare, visit them everyday. Especially if they aren't able to speak in coherent sentences. They will care for your loved one more if they know a family member is going to hold them accountable. If at all possible, either die young or take care of your health well into your old age to remain self-sufficient and mentally stable.


Great hidden clock camera with great and very easy to use feature.

Great product I highly recommend to anyone

It was easy setting up

Big battery

I had a few spy power banks before but this camera is the best, first of all is so easy to use with the app. Had some questions during the setup, I contacted the customer support through the live chat on the website and they replied quite fast. The battery is so big that at full charge the camera went on recording for 24 hours easy just have to use a big capacity micro sd card. Video resolution is good no complaints there. when battery charging is easy to know how full is it. Video lent has a wide angle what you will expect from a HD camera.

A must have!!

Great 👍 quality video. This bad boy is very useful. It looks exactly like a USB charger and also can charge your phone. I'm not a tech savvy, I had a little problem setting it up but the support was absolutely excellent!!! I will buy one for my sister next week!!! Thanks guys 👦

Great dash camera

Charged it up when I got it .... it works fine ... play back is really simple and super fast - But I really hated the bright red blinking record light so much I was going to return it ... then I remembered there was a way to stop the record light - seller sent the needed file and within 30 seconds of receiving the file the bright red blinking record light is no longer a problem at all ... now when it powers on the blue light changes to the red blinker but it only blinks enough times to let you ( the user) know its in record mode and then goes completely dark ... I made an L-shape mounting tab for my dash board ... the camera does not have an image stabilizer but it works well considering its mounted on a street legal go kart (2008 Miata) ... Hours of recording time with no wires and easy to use ... this is not going back .... now I want another one !

Life saver

The camera is exceptional with such great price. I’m using this hidden camera to keep taps on family and my personal. The picture quality is great n useful. I recommend this product if you need one.

Best video body camera

Great image at night or day. Battery last a longtime. Great decision to purchase this camera.

Perfect size perfect fit

Great quality daytime and nighttime use very pleased with it

Good upgrade

I bought from this seller a while ago and wanted to try their new product. I gotta say it’s a good upgrade, even the design looks so much better. I’m loving it.

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