Wireless Hidden Alarm Clock Camera 1080P Night Vision Camera / Motion Detection / Loop Recording

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Check Up On Your Loved Ones With This Discreet and Ergonomic Hidden Camera!

Swayfer Tech focuses on delivering professional security systems and equipment whose purpose is to help you protect your home and property and make sure your family and belongings are safe. We work with top-quality materials and innovative technologies to provide practical and effective solutions that will never disappoint in terms of performance and functionality. Should you not be entirely pleased with your purchase, our customer care department is at your disposal and will address any issues or concerns!

Keep Everything Under Control At All Times

The Swayfer Tech hidden camera has numerous applications in your everyday life, helping you keep a tight grip on your family or business relations. For your own peace of mind, use it in your bedroom, nursery, living room or office and make sure your kids, pets or elderly are well taken care of!

Developed On Premium Technology

This hidden camera alarm clock features state of the art specs, enjoying crystal clear HD images at superior 1080P resolution, a motion detection sensor and loop recording suitable for your custom needs.

Superior Design Doesn’t Give YouAway

This nanny cam with alarm clock supports up to 128GB SD card memory capacity, a user-friendly interface with plug & play design, wi-fi IP ready. Pair it within seconds with your smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy the ultra-wide viewing angle!

The Swayfer Tech clock camera enjoys an improved design which means you don’t have to worry about loud noises or lights raising suspicions. Keep everything discreet and elegant, by blending this alarm clock with your home decor!

Customer Reviews

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V. Williams
Wide view. Small size. Works well.

I have purchased 5 different clock cameras and many other hidden cameras looking for something suitable for my needs. I have found that all the hidden cameras I've tried have one thing in common: the images are no better than 1080p in resolution. Some performed at 720p quality or lower, even the ones I purchased that were advertised as being 4K models and looked identical on the outside. Those performed poorly.

The only two clock cameras in my possession that perform well are this Swafer Tech model and the Igzyz brand (which I have included for comparison). They appear to produce images close to their advertised 1080p resolution and perform reasonably well in daylight, low light, and no light situations. See provided photos (for privacy reasons, only half of each room photo is shown).

This Swafer Tech clock camera is smaller in size than the Igzyz brand. It also has a wider lens to capture more of the room. This is a trade off, because while you have greater room coverage, distant images are less clear (a comparison photo of the daytime image from the Igzyz brand is provided). I also noticed that the images produced on this Swafer Tech model is slightly blurry compared to the Igzyz brand.

In summary, both clock cameras perform well and better than others that I own. Until I find a clock camera with true 4K resolution or even a 2K model, these two clock cameras will suffice for me.

Julia Taylor
Great product I highly recommend to anyone

It was easy setting up

Marie T
Difficult to figure out how to set up but worth the hassle

I bought it because I want to see what's going on when I'm not here and I want to check on my kitty it's got excellent night vision turns on at loud noises whatsoever three people to turn it on two couldn't figure it out and a computer expert did it for me and guessed at how to work it directions ridiculously small print impossible to read must do QR code I am not a techie at all I needed help from everyone but now I'm pleased it was worth the hassle

Loraine Hayling

I was looking for discreet and this clock is perfect, I set it on my desk and it just blend in as a regular clock on my desk.
Setting up the camera on my phone was being a bit challenging I called the 24 hours customer service around 11:pm and was quickly helped by rep.Walnes , he was very knowledgeable about setting up the product.
Thanks Walnes , excellent customer service.

Camera works great. The best hidden camera

Never had any problems with it. If your looking for a hidden camera this one is the best

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